Where to buy Vitamins and Supplements

These days, you can purchase vitamins and supplements almost anywhere, including the gas station and the convenience store. It appears odd that vitamins and supplements are so readily available these days. It used to be that the only serious place you would undoubtedly buy vitamins was the pharmacy. however, with the new surge of health foods stores and supplement outlets, there seem to be quite plenty of places to purchase vitamins and supplements. of course, in case you don’t need to go shopping at all, you can continually order vitamins over the internet.

There are pluses and minuses to buying vitamins and supplements at each outlet, so here is a breakdown of what you can expect at each retail outlet when we refer to purchasing vitamins.

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Gas Stations

Amazingly, you can now expand your immune system at the same place where you fill your tank with gas. that is for the circumstance that gas stations and convenience stores now sell vitamins at the counters where you pay for gas and convenience items. These vitamins are sold in individual packages, generally labeled something like “Energy Blast” or “Immune Zap”. of course, these overpriced packages are a gimmick to get the harried worker or the professional truck driver to pay almost 6 dollars for a handful of vitamins. evade these vitamins and supplements at all charges.

Grocery Stores

The grocery store aisle used to have a couple of multivitamins and supplements, but that has changed dramatically over the past decade. Now, in the bigger grocery stores, you can generally find an entire aisle dedicated to vitamins and supplements. If you know what you need to purchase and you find it cheaper at the grocery store, go ahead and elect it up. In usual, however, you should evade shopping for vitamins at the grocery store except for you are just buying a multivitamin. that is for the circumstance that the vitamins sit on the shelf under fluorescent lighting, which zaps vitamins of their nutrients. They are furthermore stored and stocked by grocery store employees, who probably aren’t educated in the fine point of vitamin getting involved with. This means that you do not know where the vitamins have been stored before they make it to the shelves.


Pharmacies are furthermore branching out to include all kinds of vitamins and supplements. Once again, however, these vitamins and supplements are stored under fluorescent lighting. furthermore, storage is still a concern. While prescription drugs are stored in a controlled environment, vitamins get stored with everything else. So before you purchase them, they may have been stored in extreme temperatures for months before hitting the shelves in the store. The one good thing, however, about buying vitamins and supplements at the drug store is that you can debate to the pharmacist about any interactions that the vitamins you are buying might have with medication that you are in the past taking.

Supplement Stores

Supplement stores, generally found in shopping malls, are a good place for athletes to find vitamins and supplements. Here, you will find all type of supplements to expand performance, gain lean muscle mass, and heal sport injuries faster. numerous supplements are sold together in packages that claim to produce a desired result in a much more practical and superior way than regular doses of vitamins alone. There are plenty of good products here, but beware of companies that require to sell you overpriced supplements that seem too good to be true.

The Health Food Store

This is the best place to shop for vitamins and supplements if you have a special brand or kind of supplement that you are looking for. Here, you is not going to only find almost every vitamin and supplement imaginable, you will furthermore find it in every form. supplements at the health food store are furthermore stored properly. They are out of the way of sunlight and fluorescent lighting, and kept at the correct temperature.

The Internet

The prices are definitely cheaper, and you can find almost anything you want. Again, the only warning here is that you cannot see where these vitamins are stored before you get them. So what you get in the mail can be exposed to almost any circumstance imaginable.