Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements

When you take prescription drugs, it comes with a warning label and most of the pamphlets that explain how to use the drug.  In addition it comes with the advice of doctors and pharmacists; two medical professionals who are ready to help you if you need it.  However, this does not apply to vitamins and supplements.  With vitamins, all you get on the road is consideration of the dosage on the bottle.  This may be a bit confusing, especially when you consider that you are taking vitamins and supplements for health reasons.  So, here are some tips on using vitamins and supplements that you won’t find on your vitamin bottle warning label.

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1.  If you take vitamins or supplements on an empty stomach, they will only come out of your system.  The citrus acids in the fruit can change the chemical makeup of the vitamin and strip away its nutritive values.

2.  always take vitamins and supplements with water.  Even though it looks healthier to drink it with fruit juice, all you do is give vitamins to the citric acid soaking, thereby reducing their nutrition.  furthermore, don’t take vitamins and supplements with caffeine.  The caffeine will leach the nutrients out of the vitamins and they will simple flush out of your system.

3.  If you forget to take vitamins during the day, just activate it. Doing this may keep you awake all night. furthermore, don’t try to “redeem” the vitamins you missed the day before.  Taking too many vitamins or higher doses will not be beneficial.  if honestly said, it can make you sick.

4.  If you take sports supplements, make sure you take them as directed.  Some sports supplements need to be taken before or after exercise to be practical. 

5.  Make sure you don’t consume conflicting vitamins.  When taking several different vitamins at the same time, they can actually cancel each other; making both null and void by law.  For example, taking too much extra zinc can zap the positive effects of any copper you may be taking.

6.  make sure you store your vitamins properly.  Furthermore, store supplements at the correct temperature.  Vitamins that are too exposed to heat and cold also lose their potential.  check the label.

7.  They can join one another, possibly forming unknown substances.

8.  always check the expiration date. Vitamins and supplements have a long shelf life, but so, throw it away.

9.  Don’t take vitamins in large doses thinking that it will have more effects.  In some situations, people will take high doses of vitamin C, B-complex, and E for serious illness, but this must be resolved under the care of a doctor. Don’t try experimenting on your own to cure serious illnesses with vitamins and supplements.  Furthermore, vitamins in large doses may be toxic and even fatal.

10.  do not use vitamins instead of taking medication or going to the doctor.  Vitamins and supplements are extraordinary healers and prevent many diseases; but if you have a serious medical condition, you should always try going to the doctor first.  The medical miracles you listen to about supplements and vitamins are true in some situations, but as written on the label, “the results may be different.” don’t assume it’s your medical circumstances like everyone else or that it can be solved by taking only vitamins and supplements.

Remember supplements are very useful for preventing disease and maintaining overall health, but they are not a cure for all.  A sensible diet, moderate exercise, and pattern checks are even highly recommended to achieve maximum health.