Vitamins and Supplements for a Youthful Life

Vitamin E and Vitamin C have tremendous anti-aging powers, but Beta Carotene is an antioxidant that you can’t live without if what you want is to stay youthful.  Beta Carotene, normally extracted from carrots, has an extra antioxidant power that fills up where other supplements such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C are deserted.  if sincere, Beta Carotene returns a couple of other problems this includes cancer, heart disease, cataracts, and failed immunity.  In other words, Beta Carotene supplements taken often can help cure many health complications. 

Beta carotene can additionally be discovered in carrots, potato sweet, pumpkin, apricots, and spinach, if you consume enough of this food.  if you do not eat loads of this fruit and veggies, you should take beta carotene supplements.

There are multiple supplements and supplements for youthful skin, but vitamin Beta Carotene stands out above all.  Vitamin Beta Carotene holds skin younger by spreading free radicals to steal youths that hurt and destroy the structure of skin cells.  Beta Carotene can additionally turn into a sort of Vitamin A once in the body, which has its own anti-aging properties. 

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Vitamin Beta Carotene is also an essential antioxidant to combat cancer

Research after study shows that people with high levels of Beta Carotene in their blood are about half as probable to get cancer as those who do not.  Beta Carotene basically protects contradictory lung, belly, mouth, breast and bladder cancers.  Beta Carotene is extremely beneficial for smokers, which is 4 times less probable to develop certain lung cancers by maintaining high Beta Carotene levels in their system.

With long-term doses, Beta Carotene supplements can ward off cardiovascular disease.  Beta Carotene supplements taken often slow the development of plaque buildup in the arteries and prevent them from clogging.  Beta carotene supplements taken usually can additionally prevent strokes.  even though, it must be remarked that no results are doable until Beta Carotene supplements are taken for at least two years.  In order to stay effective, Beta Carotene supplements must resume to be consumed.  The Alliance for Aging research recommends consuming ten to 30 milligrams a day for life. 

Healthy function of the immune system is another benefit of taking Beta Carotene supplements.  Those who take Beta Carotene supplements every day will increase levels of natural killer cells, T-helper cells, and activated lymphocytes.  These immune cells are extremely important in fighting cancer as well as viral and bacterial infections.

To bring on the power of Beta Karoten even stronger

This must be used with two other extraordinary antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The combination of all 3 of these antioxidants is far better at slowing down the clogging and hardening of the arteries and thus, basically better at preventing heart attacks and strokes.

As you can see, Beta Carotene supplements are more than just giving you younger seeking skin.  by ways of time, they can directly save your life.  Again, it must be emphasized that the strength of Beta Carotene supplements can only be enjoyed with long-term use.  remind, the key word here is prevention.  Beta Carotene is not a quick restore for any serious illness and shouldn’t be supplanted for real medicine.  It must be used faithfully by ways of time to achieve the awesome health advantages mentioned here. 

Vitamins and Supplements for Heart Disease

It is not right to have a ring for it, but it is one of the vitamins and supplements that is at the forefront when we refer to fighting heart disease. Coenzyme Q-10 is a vitamin-like substance that resembles vitamin E, but could be an even stronger antioxidant.   It further goes by the name ubiquinone. 

This is most simply found in salmon, but has been synthesized into a supplement that might be accessed at health food stores.  for the reason that it has not been tested as lots other vitamins and supplements, no one is sure of the dosage, but as we get older, your body generates less of it.  This occurs around the age of twenty, often leaving most people with a deficit at the age of forty.  The most reasonable substitute to repair it is to use coenzyme Q-10 as a supplement.

However, no one realizes for sure how these antioxidants that aren’t tested work

What they know is that coenzyme Q-10 is an antioxidant that works like vitamin E for the reason that it maintains fat molecules oxidized or injured by free radicals.  This is done by stabilizing the membrane of fat cells and then giving them a type of spark of energy to make it function at a normal level.  When you consider that it is the obligation of free radicals to destroy the membranes of good cells and then channel their energy, it’s simple to see how essential coenzymes are Q-10 is.

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This is why coenzyme Q-10 maintains concentration in the heart muscle cells, which requires a large amount of energy to keep a healthy heart pumping at a speed of one hundred thousand times per day.  This is also probably why a weak and diseased heart will show very few traces of coenzyme Q-10 once it is autopsied.

Coenzyme Q-10, it looks, even does more than this to prevent heart disease.  This supplement is extremely strong when we refer to stopping an eternal oxidation of blood cholesterol by free radicals in the bloodstream.  This is the first step free of fee radicals to pop out wreaking the arteries, which will eventually trigger heart attacks and strokes.  While it does this more effectively than vitamin E or beta carotene, the difference is that it takes a lots more coenzyme Q-10 to do to this than the other antioxidants.  That’s why researchers are confused about how much of the dosage is suggested. 

It can even help reduce blood stress

Taking 225 milligrams of coenzyme Q-10 on a daily basis reduced blood pressure in 85% of the patients who took it all through one university study.  This has been used for this goal in other countries for decades and has been accepted in Japan and Europe to counteract congestive heart failure.

Coenzyme Q-10 looks to do more too.  It has further been proven to skyrocket the immune system, lessen allergy attacks, treat asthma, help with ulcers, and also brain disorders.  When scientists resume to analysis, only time will tell how lots benefits of this antioxidant for the human body.  As it becomes more researched, it will hopefully become more figured out.  

If you are going to take coenzyme Q-10, you must consume with food.  It gives the look in pressed tablets, capsules filled with oil-based powder and gel caps.  It works well with difficult vitamin E, selenium and vitamin B.  Again, there appears to be no damage in taking coenzyme Q-10, so the dosage is infinite.  the principal thing about coenzyme Q-10 is that there does not seem to be a time that is too early to pop out taking it if you are concerned about heart disease.

Vitamin E as a Supplement to Fight Aging

Are you seeking for solutions to fight the aging process?  Vitamin E supplements have long been used to make people feel and look younger.  Vitamin E is the number one supplement that is universally given to fight aging through all other antioxidants.  The declares of success with Vitamin E supplements to fight aging have become so strong, that a number of medical professionals feel that Vitamin E is the most important Supplement buyers must take to fight the aging process.

But what generates Vitamin E supplements so powerful?  Vitamin E vitamins gradually combat the blockage and hardening of the arteries, which is technically known as atherosclerosis.  Atherosclerosis occurs essentially because LDL type bad blood cholesterol is chemically transformed by the attack of free radicals in the bloodstream.  This chemical alteration, or oxidation, generates cholesterol that can easily enter the arterial wall, where it becomes plaque.

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Vitamin E supplements also rejuvenate the immune system

A university study on aging proves this point.  A group of people by means of the age of sixty with a poor immune system are given Vitamin E for thirty days.  The result is their immune system makes copies to almost the level of people in their twenties. This was an improvement of almost 80-90%.  It is believed that this works for the reason that Vitamin E as a supplement helps safe-guard fat in the membranes of immune cells from being oxidized free radial attacks.  It must be told that for the factor that the people in this study didn’t lack vitamin E, it was an extra dose of Vitamin E from supplements which causes an expand in the immune system of the test subject.

Because it stops large chain reactions that destroy cells, Vitamin E vitamins combat lots other diseases that cause aging furthermore.  Vitamin E also halts cancer and blocks the growth of cancer cells and holds the brain from degenerative diseases.  This decreases the manifestations of arthritis; combat cataracts, and help lower blood flow to the arteries.  Amazingly, vitamin E supplements are almost a convenience store when it comes to combating the aging process in the human body.  Vitamin E can in addition be applied to the skin too.  Vitamin E creams and lotions have all sorts of healing and anti-aging properties to lower the appearance of aging.

If you have any disease that causes free radicals that destroy healthy cells in your body, vitamin E vitamins might help put an end to this process.  Studies show that as little as 100 IU’s of Vitamin E daily, additionally to the Vitamin E that you get from food can produce measurable results.  even if, in order to see real pros, the daily dosage should be at least 400 IU’s on a daily basis.  This appears to be the agreed upon amount of Vitamin E needed to effectively tackle the free radicals that could be destroying healthy cells.  exploration also shows that it seems secure to eat 800 IU of Vitamin E a day for this ambition.  regardless, such as a replacement drug, it’s crucial to check with your physician before you take any dose of Vitamin E to combat free radicals in your bloodstream for fight aging.

Vitamin C as a Supplement to Prevent Illness

Vitamin C vitamins can be the best way to prevent diseases such as colds and flu.  though, what most people do not know is that vitamin C supplements can additionally help other serious diseases such as cancer, lung disease and heart disease.  in truth, new analysis from various principal medical institutions in the world constantly shows that Vitamin C, even in low doses, can give your life expectancy expand.

Most people might think that they get sufficient vitamin C from the food they eat such as veggies and fruits, but they do not.   In fact, a quarter of Americans don’t get the recommended daily amount of 60 milligrams of Vitamin C that their cells need to perform basic bodily functions.

Vitamin C is a potent vitamin, a water-soluble antioxidant that traps and disarms free radicals in the watery parts of your body’s tissues.  Vitamin C supplements also function to assist replenish Vitamin E and help enzymes to destroy other free radicals in your system. Free radicals are toxic molecules that deplete healthy cells and turn them into mistakes, which through time can cause more serious diseases such as cancer. 

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More than a hundred and twenty studies have shown that vitamin C functions as a sort of immunization that goes contrary cancer.  It was discovered that people who continued to eat vitamin C were only half the opportunity to develop cancer than those who didn’t.  Vitamin C supplements are discovered to be particularly effective in cancers of the abdomen, esophagus, pancreas, cervix, rectum, and breasts.  To prevent cancer effectively, doctors in one study recommend consuming 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements per day.  This is far above the daily dose recommended by the National Cancer Center, so someone who tries this type of regimen should discuss with their doctor first.

Vitamin C supplements taken on a daily basis can prevent other forms of conditions like heart disease

The proper doses can suppress high blood pressure, raise good-type HDL cholesterol, clean deposits form artery walls, and reduce the chances of heart-attack-inducing vascular spasms.  Vitamin C supplements taken usually can also lower respiratory weakness such as asthma, prevent periodontal disease, and improve the immune system.

Enhancing the immune system is the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about taking vitamin C supplements.  Vitamin C of course does this brilliant job, besides working on every other disease they prevent.  The way Vitamin C works with your immune system is to prepare your body to combat infectious bacteria and viruses.  Vitamin C supplements do this by lifting white blood cells and going up the body’s antioxidant levels.  Taking 500 milligrams of Vitamin C supplements per day all by means of flu and cold season may prevent or at least lessen the likelihood of being ill all by means of this time.

Espite the fact Vitamin C can be plentiful in the foods that you eat, it’s undoubtedly the supplements that put you by means of the top when it comes to prevent disease and increase the length and quality of life.

Using Garlic Pills as a Supplement

As far as vitamins and supplements go, pro takes highly broad garlic pills. The utilization of garlic has been around for almost 5,000 years, when it was originally used as an old medicinal herb. This is the circumstance why garlic balls contain around 400 hundred different substances this includes antioxidants, which provide tremendous strength when it comes to cell maintenance from the outside threat of free radicals.

These are all good news for people who like to consume garlic, but for multiple who do not care, garlic supplements are a viable substitute. Like multiple other vitamins and supplements, garlic pills have been rigorously tested and most have been proven to have the same quality as fresh garlic. supplements of garlic, such as fresh garlic, can act as antibiotics, antiviral agents, cholesterol reducers, anticoagulants, blood stress reducers, cancer inhibitors, decongestants and anti-inflammatory agents. So, in case you do not like garlic and do not need garlic breath, vitamin garlic can help you in the same way as the original.

The first serious disease that has a regular dose of garlic supplements can help you is cancer. Studies show that people who eat garlic frequently tend to create certain cancers, such as abdomen and colon cancer. Another study shows that garlic supplements also inhibit the growth of existing cancer cells.

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The habit dose of vitamin garlic additionally reduces cholesterol by an average of 9%, the researchers discovered. This is more or less the productivity of cholesterol-lowering drugs, which on average lower cholesterol by around 15%. additionally to reducing cholesterol levels, garlic supplements also block free radicals from LDL oxidation of bad cholesterol, thus paralyzing their abilities to clog arteries.

Another essential way that garlic supplements combat heart disease is to slow the formation of blood clots. The chemicals in garlic supplements do this by stopping blood platelets from sticking to one another and the walls of the arteries, which is the first step to getting clogged arteries. This prevents the narrowing and blockage of the arteries in the legs, which can make walking highly painful. Researchers suggest at least 5 weeks of garlic intake daily before looking ahead to tangible results.

Researchers have learned that consuming garlic supplements releases serotonin into the body

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that regulates a diversity of mental conditions, this includes depression. some studies have shown that garlic supplements, taken on a regular basis can be almost as 60 %efficient as Valium. Garlic supplements have additionally been proven to slow down aging by suppressing attacks from free radicals observed in the body.

To see positive pro health, medical researchers suggest eating 3 cloves of garlic a day or taking garlic supplements in keeping with the directions on the packet. Taking garlic supplements is not something that you need to over-indulge in, but rather something to take in normal quantities on a regular basis. when it comes to taking vitamins and supplements, garlic pills are surely beneficial for overall health and easier to swallow than raw garlic cloves.

It would be simple to think that popping a garlic pill everyday is everything that you require to do to reduce your high blood stress. the most terrific benefit comes when garlic, either raw or a supplement, forms part of a healthy balanced diet developed to reduce hypertension, such as the DASH dietary guidelines. You should additionally take regular exercise.

Using Folic Acid as a Supplement

Along with the passage of vitamins and supplements, folic acid is a B vitamin that is known primarily for its ability to fight cardiovascular disease.  Folic acid is found only in green leafy vegetables and nuts, but if you don’t consume enough of this, it’s a good idea to take folic acid as a supplement. if you don’t get enough folic acid in your diet, you can risk the possibility of unnecessary heart defects and other serious diseases.  Studies have proven that the correct amount of folic acid in your blood stream can go a long way towards fighting cardiovascular disease, essentially the blocked arteries caused by having high levels of homocysteine in your blood stream.

If you have never heard of homocysteine, you are not alone

This is a fairly new danger found in arteries in the head and neck, and some are responsible for blocking this artery.  Homocysteine ​​is a type of amino acid in the blood, which becomes oxidized and releases malignant free radicals called superoxide.  Homocysteine ​​is similar to cholesterol in a way that starts blocking blood vessels, which can trigger a heart attack or stroke.  This danger can affect around 30 to 40% of older adults in the US

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The right amount of folic acid can be found in over-the-counter multivitamins.  Folic acid supplements can also help block and reverse cancer, even after pralignal cells are noticed.  It’s for the state that folic acid levels cannot be uniform all through the body.  Studies of cervical cancer have shown that women with lower levels of folic acid in blood cells around the cervix are 5 times more likely to originate precancerous cells in the cervix area.

Folic acid supplements can also help maintain frequent brain function as you get older.  Folic acid supplements taken regularly can help prevent memory loss, depression, and dementia, which are far more popular in older people who have low folic acid levels.  All of this can be done with moderate doses of vitamin folic acid.

Folic acid is available in foods such as dried beans, spinach, mustard greens, and citrus fruits.  though, your body often only absorbs about fifty percent folic acid in food.  Foods rich in folic acid are still good for you, but if you want all of the benefits of folic acid, it is still wise to take a folic acid supplement.  This is especially true if you want additional benefits to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, or other more serious diseases.

Remember the strength of folic acid becomes stronger when combined with vitamins B12 and B6.  The third recommended dose is available in standard multivitamins, available at pharmacies or grocery stores.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the incidence of these defects can be significantly decreased if all women of childbearing age consumed appropriate amounts of folate, a B vitamin. Most women do not know precisely when they get pregnant- and the neural tube of a fetus starts forming instantly. suggestions for folate advise that any woman skilled of becoming pregnant (14-50 years) should get 400 micrograms of folic acid every day from foods fortified with folic acid, from vitamin vitamins, or a fusion of the two. This is further to the folate found easily in certain foods. Folic acid is the man-made type of folate discovered in fortified foods and dietary vitamins.

Tips for Using Vitamins and Supplements

When you take prescription drugs, it comes with a warning label and most of the pamphlets that explain how to use the drug.  In addition it comes with the advice of doctors and pharmacists; two medical professionals who are ready to help you if you need it.  However, this does not apply to vitamins and supplements.  With vitamins, all you get on the road is consideration of the dosage on the bottle.  This may be a bit confusing, especially when you consider that you are taking vitamins and supplements for health reasons.  So, here are some tips on using vitamins and supplements that you won’t find on your vitamin bottle warning label.

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1.  If you take vitamins or supplements on an empty stomach, they will only come out of your system.  The citrus acids in the fruit can change the chemical makeup of the vitamin and strip away its nutritive values.

2.  always take vitamins and supplements with water.  Even though it looks healthier to drink it with fruit juice, all you do is give vitamins to the citric acid soaking, thereby reducing their nutrition.  furthermore, don’t take vitamins and supplements with caffeine.  The caffeine will leach the nutrients out of the vitamins and they will simple flush out of your system.

3.  If you forget to take vitamins during the day, just activate it. Doing this may keep you awake all night. furthermore, don’t try to “redeem” the vitamins you missed the day before.  Taking too many vitamins or higher doses will not be beneficial.  if honestly said, it can make you sick.

4.  If you take sports supplements, make sure you take them as directed.  Some sports supplements need to be taken before or after exercise to be practical. 

5.  Make sure you don’t consume conflicting vitamins.  When taking several different vitamins at the same time, they can actually cancel each other; making both null and void by law.  For example, taking too much extra zinc can zap the positive effects of any copper you may be taking.

6.  make sure you store your vitamins properly.  Furthermore, store supplements at the correct temperature.  Vitamins that are too exposed to heat and cold also lose their potential.  check the label.

7.  They can join one another, possibly forming unknown substances.

8.  always check the expiration date. Vitamins and supplements have a long shelf life, but so, throw it away.

9.  Don’t take vitamins in large doses thinking that it will have more effects.  In some situations, people will take high doses of vitamin C, B-complex, and E for serious illness, but this must be resolved under the care of a doctor. Don’t try experimenting on your own to cure serious illnesses with vitamins and supplements.  Furthermore, vitamins in large doses may be toxic and even fatal.

10.  do not use vitamins instead of taking medication or going to the doctor.  Vitamins and supplements are extraordinary healers and prevent many diseases; but if you have a serious medical condition, you should always try going to the doctor first.  The medical miracles you listen to about supplements and vitamins are true in some situations, but as written on the label, “the results may be different.” don’t assume it’s your medical circumstances like everyone else or that it can be solved by taking only vitamins and supplements.

Remember supplements are very useful for preventing disease and maintaining overall health, but they are not a cure for all.  A sensible diet, moderate exercise, and pattern checks are even highly recommended to achieve maximum health.

The Myths about Vitamins and Supplements

There are many false claims from manufacturers, self-proclaimed health teachers with misleading information, and all kinds of well-meaning people who don’t know what they are talking about.  Combined with the desire for the needs of people to believe that vitamins and supplements will perform miracles for them, many myths and disagreements have developed vitamins and supplements around them.

Myth #1:  vitamins and supplements cure disease.

Fact: vitamins and supplements can help prevent disease, help cure diseases, and help reduce the effects of disease; but vitamins and supplements alone cannot cure the disease.  No one who is seriously ill should ever take vitamins in place of prescribed medication or medical care.  For example, if you have a history of cancer in your family, you might need to take beta carotene to prevent the disease before you have any signs of it.

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Myth#2:  vitamins and supplements are not medication.

Fact: Even though there are many people who take vitamins and supplements seriously, there are others who think they are like candy, and don’t feel they have a big influence.  The truth here lies somewhere in the middle.  Although technically vitamins and supplements are not drugs, when taken in the right doses, they can have the same quality.  Routine studies conducted by researchers with higher doses of vitamins and supplements indicate that these dosage forms can have almost the same results as the original drugs.

Myth#3:  You cannot consume too many vitamins and supplements.

Facts:  This is definitely false.  There are several vitamins and supplements that could be deadly when taken in high doses or for too long a period of time. Other additional overdoses can cause milder medical complications such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and difficulty sleeping.  Taken together in large doses, a number of vitamins will also cancel each other out.  For example, too much extra zinc can zap the effects of any copper you might be taking.

Myth#4:  vitamins are all the same.

Facts:  Just for the circumstance that a substance is labeled “Vitamin C” does not mean that it will have the same potency as every other “Vitamin C” on the shelf.  For example, researchers question whether synthetic vitamin C is as practical as vitamin C produced from rosehip or other natural substances.  vitamins come in so multiple different forms and from so multiple different sources that it is critical to read the label and also to be an educated shopper. In this way, you will get the vitamins you need in the right form and potential.

Myth#5:  Everything on the label is true.

Fact: Many manufacturers make claims based on research or information that is not single to make sales.  If the label on a vitamin or a supplement makes claims that do not sound believable, then they possibly are not.  multiple of these claims are made so that the price could be jacked way up in order for the manufacturer to make a immense profit.  Save your money.  Only for the situation that the supplement bills are twice as much as the others, does not mean it will work better.

Myth#6:  vitamins and supplements can alternative healthy eating.

Fact: You can’t live with junk food and take daily supplements and think it will do anything.  If you eat nothing but junk food and take a multivitamin every day, the only thing that it will do for you is make you feel less guilty about your bad eating habit.  Supplements are just what they say: supplements for healthy eating.  They are directly not a replacement for it.

Overdosing on Vitamins and Supplements

People who have experienced the positive effects from vitamins and supplements sometimes get carried away and think that if a low dose works satisfactory, then a higher dose will work much better. Though in some cases this is not true. if the truth is told, consuming some high-dose vitamins can make a person sick or even cause death. that is the factor why it is extremely important to check that the vitamins and supplements you are taking do not build up in your system to become a lethal dose.

One of the most dangerous supplements consumed too much is iron. This is particularly true for many older people who fear that their blood is iron-poor and will kick off taking supplements to check that they are getting enough iron so that they do not become anemic. This is the worst thing that they can do.

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Excess iron may be very dangerous because pro free radicals damage cells

Research has shown that men with the highest amount of iron in their blood are twice as likely to have a heart attack. Cancer patients who have been studied for higher iron levels in their blood have been found to have a greater risk for cancer, especially those who eat diet high in red meat. Those who ate about 5 ounces of iron-rich meat a day were 250 percent more like to develop colon cancer than those who did not.

There are multiple other vitamins and supplements that might be deadly when taken in high doses or for too long a period of time. vitamins A and D, and niacin can all have harmful effects, resulting in liver damage, heart disease, loss of nerve function, and increased risk of cancer. Overdoses of other vitamins can cause milder medical drawbacks like diarrhea, abdomen pain, and sleeplessness Large doses of niacin shouldn’t be taken by those who are pregnant or suffering from gout, gastric ulcer, glaucoma, liver disease, or diabetes.

Vitamin A should not be taken in large amounts in pill form or as cod liver oil by those suffering from liver disease. Pregnant women must avoid the amount of vitamin A by 25,000 IU. Children who will take vitamin A for more than one month may not consume 18,000 IU. If you are on any medication, check with your doctor before taking vitamin A as a supplement, as it can interfere with a couple of medications.

If you are going to take vitamins or supplements in addition to multivitamins for special conditions, remember to read them before you start a vitamin regimen. You may find that taking a combination of vitamins can be dangerous, or that what higher doses you require to take couldn’t be necessary. However, it is best to systematically continue to use a predetermined multivitamin if you do not have the feeling that you have enough information to successfully treat illness with supplements.

The first thing you should do is look for quality multivitamins for consumption. By taking a multivitamin every day, you will do enough to provide your body with the amount of nutrients needed. You can choose a multivitamin specifically for your needs. For example, if you are a young woman who experiences cramps and premenstrual manifestations, there is a multivitamin formulated according to your needs.